Tuesday, 3 July 2007

Welsh Flag on top of the World

Surely this has to be the ultimate location to spot a Welsh flag - Everest. Da iawn to Kinmel Bay's Martin Barnet for putting the Welsh flag on top of the world last month after a gruelling, if slightly terrifying, climb...

Saturday, 30 June 2007

The only Welsh medium school outside Wales

Well bugger me, I never knew there was a Welsh medium school outside Wales - in England no less (London, of course)! It's called Ysgol Gymraeg Llundain (Welsh London School) and was founded in 1958. It remains the only Welsh medium school outside Wales and it's situated on Shakespeare Avenue in North London. "For those who campaigned to establish the school in the 1950s, and for the many parents and supporters who have worked to keep Ysgol Gymraeg Llundain open during the subsequent 47 years, it is an immensely important institution that allows children in London to be educated within a totally Welsh environment", says the website. Indeed!

Amazingly though, the school is self-financing: the Assembly has so far refused to finance the school because it is in London and The Department for Education will not give the school Voluntary Aided status, because it teaches the Welsh curriculum!

Also in London is the Dreigiau Back group which is a Welsh medium playgroup for South London families. The group was established in November 2004 in response to families with young children that live too far from Ysgol Gymraeg Llundain in North London. It does, however, have close ties with the school.

Wednesday, 27 June 2007

Merseyside Group to Recognise Welsh Links

A plaque made from Welsh slate is to be unveiled on March 1st 2008 in Vauxhall, Liverpool, to recognise it's historic links with North Wales, with daffodils being planted in nearby Athol village on the railed landscaped land at the junction of Barmouth Way and Snowdon Lane.

"This event would recognise the historic links between North Wales and Liverpool and fulfil aims of Liverpool City Council for community participation in Capital of Culture year 2008," says the Vauxhall History & Heritage Group.

If you'd like to help the Vauxhall History & Heritage Group and others involved with this project, or if you have any information or photographs that you feel can assist, email ronformby@scottiepress.org.

Wednesday, 20 June 2007

Welsh Flags in Dublin

On my other blog - Gog with a Blog - I mentioned a recent day visit to Dublin in which I easily spotted over half a dozen Welsh flags within a few hours... but no St. George flags and few St. Andrew flags. Alan in Dyfed reckons he didn't see a St. George flag in Ireland in two years! Interesting.

In fact, I find that also occurs in Edinburgh - a few Welsh flags dotted about (admittedly less that in Dublin) but no St. George flags. I've been to Scotland well over a dozen times - mostly Ayrshire, Glasgow and Edinburgh - and I can't recall ever seeing a St. George flag.

Anyway, here's a few photos of those red, white and green flags in Dublin...

Monday, 18 June 2007

Croeso i Wales Beyond Wales!

Croeso i Wales Beyond Wales! - a blog that will look into Wales's presence and influence in other countries and also the perception of Wales and the Welsh. It's written by me, Wynne Jones, a self-proclaimed professional Welsh Flag spotter from North East Wales. Feel free to send in your own examples, comments and pictures. It'll be a serious blog but humour and light-hearted banter is most certainly welcome!
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