Monday, 18 June 2007

Croeso i Wales Beyond Wales!

Croeso i Wales Beyond Wales! - a blog that will look into Wales's presence and influence in other countries and also the perception of Wales and the Welsh. It's written by me, Wynne Jones, a self-proclaimed professional Welsh Flag spotter from North East Wales. Feel free to send in your own examples, comments and pictures. It'll be a serious blog but humour and light-hearted banter is most certainly welcome!


Alan said...

Shwmai Wynne, I'm the official Flag Bearer / unofficial Welsh Consulate /Cultural Attaché / in Porto Alegre, south of Brazil, further south there are the Welsh towns in Patagonia and further north there must be the odd (are we odd?) Welsh person hanging around somewhere in São Paulo or Rio de Janeiro.

Wynne Jones said...

S'mae Alan! Wow, I only just uploaded the blog and already I have a post from Porto Alegre! Yes, no doubt there's a few odd Welsh people in Brazil...

Alan said...

I got through on the link from your GOG with a BLOG site ;-)

Mark Leslie Woods said...

There are quite a few Welsh flags in Miami, too, which is also part of a Latin country . . .

We have one we hang on our building in Miami Beach every time we have Welsh visitors, or when my relatives visit.

I never thought to take a foto, but next time I will snap one and send it to you Wynne.

Wynne Jones said...

Yes, please do send me an image if possible Mark. Diolch!

Normal Mouth said...

Wales beyond Wales? Isn't that that bit of Pembrokeshire that goes a bit Welsh again after all the English bits? ;-)

Wynne Jones said...

You're absolutely right Normal Mouth. Wales is just on the outskirts of southern Pembrokeshire, near Llanwelshy Town.

alanindyfed said...

I lived in Ireland for two years and I never, ever saw a St George's flag or a Union flag anywhere. The red dragon is quite acceptable there of course.
If you want to avoid being lynched (an Irish word) do not fly an English flag. For more on flag-waving please visit my latest blog posting at :
You will find some ideas about flying the national and Glyndwr flags.

Alan in Dyfed

Greg Lewis said...

On the main road entering St Helier in Jersey the pavement is lined with the flags of many European nations including Wales.

I also remember going into the small town museum in Biarritz and finding a corner devoted to a Welshman. I forget his name but the exhibition included a rugby shirt. He was credited with bringing rugby to the south-west of France.

Anonymous said...

I remember there was an episode of Starsky and Hutch set in Las Vegas and they were charging around some casino carpark dotted with flagpoles flying Y Ddraig Goch. Seems Tom Jones was playing the place where the filming was done and he had it the contract that they had to fly these flags. Anyone else remember this?

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